Pantry before and after! Makeover that only cost $2.00!

So, I’m not going to lie…I’ve caught the Marie Kondo bug and have been purging up a storm at my house. No corner, or closet, has escaped my cleaning wrath!

Which leads me to our small closet that we turned into a pantry. Every day when I reached into it, it was like a drab, fleshtone abyss. It still reeked “closet space.” So I had an idea spark into my head during a recent trip to Dollar Tree. Why not make the back wall an accent wall, that draws your eyes in and welcomes you in to stay awhile, rather than want to grab and go as fast as you can?!

  • I simply painted the space with two coats of Glidden Diamond, pure white paint (in an eggshell finish,) that I had leftover from another project.
  • Once that was dry I began installing the contact paper.

That’s it! Super easy, inexpensive, yet – impactful! This truly was an instantly gratifying project. 👏😁👍🏻💕

The lesson here is no space is too small to deck out. If it’s a space that you frequent and it will uplift your spirits to give it some character, then why not?!

I would love to see your version of this project, if you’d be willing to share it in the comments below.

Happy flipping!



Published by ourfauxrenohome

I'm a mommy/wife living an artsy life! When I have a little spare time on my hands, I'm either creating art designs that I sell on products in my online shop or I'm "Faux Renovating" our home by mainly using painting techniques. I also handmake most of the decor in my home by upcycling things I have laying around into new Farmhouse Style Decor! It's frugal and so fun! What more could a girl ask for?! ****Disclaimer: If you attempt any of the projects, techniques, and or use products I mention, do so at your own risk. For the more labor intensive projects, just as with exercise, consult with your doctor/physician to see if you should attempt such a project. Also, I’m not endorsing any products or promising any results, I’m just sharing project ideas and naming the products I’ve used to complete them and that it has personally worked out in the end for me. Treat this blog as though you’re reading my journal entries. I’m just sharing my story. Everyone has different abilities and, naturally, project results may vary. I’m not liable for any injury, harm, damage or cost that may result should someone attempt a project, use a technique, and or use any product(s) seen on my blog. Thank you!

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