DIY: How We Painted Our Bathroom Floor Tiles!

DIY Painted Tile Floor Detail Image
DIY Painted Tile Floor Detail Image

Just as our kitchen had been, our bathroom was, also, another sea of beige! So my husband painted the walls white and we were still left with our dated tile floor that was literally bringing the entire look and feel of the room “down.” No matter how much I scrubbed, the grout looked stained and filthy. Gross!

After months of online research I decided to resort to painting my tile floor.

I want to be as transparent as possible when I say – this project is not for everyone. WHAT WE HAD WORKING AGAINST US: We only have one bathroom in our home, so this made this project extra challenging and stressful. If we had been doing this to a spare bathroom, that we could have easily avoided using, this project would have been much easier to digest. If it was a spare bath, I could have completed it at a more relaxed pace. But since it was our only bathroom, it was crunch time during the entire process.

Also, I happened to have alot of touchup painting that I had to complete on all of the edges of my stencil. This required, long uncomfortable, periods of time with me sprawled out on the floor, in awkward positions. My back and knees hurt for a week afterwards, so if you have health issues – especially in those bodily regions, I would NOT recommend attempting this sort of project.

That all said…we are very happy with how the project turned out – and here’s how we did it:

Supplies I used:

  • A good degreaser surface cleaning product
  • A few rolls of paper towels to have on hand
  • Duck brand Quick Release Painter’s Tape
  • A few, rough (abrasive) scrubbing pads
  • Medium grit sand paper
  • Extra fine – fine grit sand paper
  • Diposable static cling dust cloths (mine were from the dollar store)
  • A good Primer (I used leftover XIM UMA Bonding Primer)
  • Waverly brand chalk paint (from Walmart. I used the shades “White” and “Mineral”
  • A can of Minwax Polycrylic (In a satin finish so that it wouldn’t be too shiny or too slippery.)493F5E33-75CC-4C6D-961E-03AADD5C9BE8.jpg
  • Dense, black foam paint brushes – several 1/2″ – 3″ size…I had atleast 10-20 of these.
  • Small 4-5″ foam paint roller brush with several replacement foam rollers
  • Stencil of my choice – I saw one I liked online but couldn’t find a way to purchase it, so I made my own version of the stencil.
  • A small fine art paint brush for touch ups.

  1. I began by sweeping/vacuuming the bathroom and then moved onto deep cleaning the floor. I got down on my hands and knees and scrubbed the floor using a degreasing cleanser and an abrasive sponge/scrubbing pad. As the scrubbing pad would become nasty with grime, I’d swap it out for a new one. I cleaned, wiped the entire floor surface and grout down with paper towels, twice.
  2. Then, I sanded the whole floor surface by hand with medium grit sandpaper. Next, I wiped up all sanding dust using the static cling dusting cloths. I dusted the surface twice to make sure there was no dust left behind.
  3. I taped off the floor perimeter of the room with painter’s tape (also taped off the bottom of the toilet, tub, vanity, and anything else I wanted to mask and prevent from being accidentally painted.
  4. Now it was prime time! I used black foam brushes to edge the floor and to prime the groutlines and I used a mini foam roller brush to paint the tile surface with the Primer. I applied three coats of the XIM UMA Primer. (I thoroughly followed the recommended drying time on the can).
  5. Next, I painted two coats of the Waverly “White” chalk paint.
DIY How We Painted Our Bathroom Floor Tiles!
This is the stencil I made out of a plastic placemat from the dollar store.
  • After allowing plenty of drying time, I moved onto stenciling. I made my own stencil by cutting the design out of a plastic placemat and I made sure it was a 12″ x 12″ square that would lineup perfectly over my tiles (however, you don’t have to make your own stencil – there are plenty of sites that sell nice ones). I then painted over the top of the stencil with the “Mineral” colored chalk paint using my black foam brush, being careful not to apply too much paint because then it would bleed underneath my stencil. I ended up deciding to only paint this design as an inlay style runner in my space. I decided that if I were to paint this design on every tile all the way to where the floor met the walls – it would have overwhelmed the space. It would have made my small bathroom appear even smaller. So leaving a border of white tiles on either side, made the room feel lighter and also, larger.
  • Now, the most dreadful part of all…touchups! I had to touchup every single edge of my stencils. I’m not sure if it was because I had constructed my own stencil, and if I had bought it maybe the edges would have been a little more bleed proof. But I must say this part was a nightmare for me. I tirelessly had to lay, straddle and crouch my way across the room, slowly making progress in creating clean stencil edges. This took me several nights.
  • Next, it was time to protect all of that hard work by sealing it. I rolled on three, thin and even coats of Minwax Polycrylic in a Satin finish. (***Important note: Don’t shake the can of Polycrylic because it will create bubbles!) I made sure to allow a minimum of 2 hours of drying time inbetween coats. I also made sure to sand inbetween each coat of Polycrylic with an extra fine grit sandpaper. This gently buffed/scuffed the surface, allowing the proceeding coat of a Polycrylic a surface it could better adhere to. (I also made sure I did a good job wiping up all sanding dust up with static cling dustcloths before applying the next coat of Polycrylic.)
  • Lastly, after the Polycrylic had dried for several hours, my husband scored the painter’s tape with a box cutter blade and then carefully removed the painter’s tape.
  • Voila! Now it was time enjoy our painted floor transformation!
  • Tips for making a painted tile floor last:

    • My husband and I are very careful to wipe up any standing water on the floor after getting out of the shower so that the floor doesn’t stay wet.
    • When cleaning I use a gentle/non-abrasive cleaning solution on the floor. (Vinegar and water solution or Babyganics Floor Cleaner Concentrate mixed with water in an O-cedar Pro Mist Spray Mop is usually my cleanser of choice).
    • My home is a shoe free zone. We leave our shoes on the porch and I think this helps tremendously with helping to keep our painted floor intact.
    • We’re also careful about not dragging abrasive items across the surface.

    References/links to other DIY’ers that helped to inspire me to paint my tile floor:

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