Tips for making a big DIY project easier on your household!

Desperate times call for desaparate measures! I’m normally all about being green and reducing our carbon footprint. However, when I’m in the middle of a large, scale DIY Faux RenoTM project, I resort to trying to make the everyday survival tasks as smooth and easy as possible. During these larger projects, there’s no spare time to pause and wash the dishes. I use disposable paper plates, plastic cups and plastic flatware. During projects of this scope, the saying is true in my household, “plastic makes it possible!”

  • “Takeout makes it possible, too!” Get takeout and or cook ahead of time in the days leading up to a project so that you can quickly grab leftovers out of the fridge and just heat and eat!
  • You’re not going to like this tip, but it’s a good idea to get caught up on normal household chores, cleaning other rooms, laundry, etc., before you embark on a large project. Trust me, after a long, all day, painting session in the kitchen, the last thing you’re going to want to do is laundry! 🤦🏻‍♀️
  • When purchasing painting supplies, such as brushes, dropcloths, etc…(anything except non-returnable items, such as paint (you can’t return that), in general, I find that it’s much easier to buy extra supplies to have on hand, in case you need them. Because it’s awfully difficult to have to run to the hardware store, in the middle of the project, if you run out of something. It’s much easier to return extra, unopened items that you didn’t need, after the project is complete and you make your next trip to the store.
  • I highly recommend removing items from the room that may be in the way during a project. While it seems like an added step, it’s well worth it to not be agrevated by clutter, while in the midst of a challenging project.
  • I often pack kitchen items that I will need to be accessible during a project, into plastic storage totes so that they’re portable and easy to retrieve items from, in a nearby room.
  • If it’s going to be a lengthy project, I also store my project supplies in a similar way. I have a cardboard box devoted to everything I’m working with, paint, brushes, etc. That way, if I have to stop for the day, everything is neatly tucked away in the box and not a pain to locate when I choose to work on the project again.

Published by ourfauxrenohome

I'm a mommy/wife living an artsy life! When I have a little spare time on my hands, I'm either creating art designs that I sell on products in my online shop or I'm "Faux Renovating" our home by mainly using painting techniques. I also handmake most of the decor in my home by upcycling things I have laying around into new Farmhouse Style Decor! It's frugal and so fun! What more could a girl ask for?! ****Disclaimer: If you attempt any of the projects, techniques, and or use products I mention, do so at your own risk. For the more labor intensive projects, just as with exercise, consult with your doctor/physician to see if you should attempt such a project. Also, I’m not endorsing any products or promising any results, I’m just sharing project ideas and naming the products I’ve used to complete them and that it has personally worked out in the end for me. Treat this blog as though you’re reading my journal entries. I’m just sharing my story. Everyone has different abilities and, naturally, project results may vary. I’m not liable for any injury, harm, damage or cost that may result should someone attempt a project, use a technique, and or use any product(s) seen on my blog. Thank you!

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